Website Up!

Well a new year and a new start.

I figured it's time to get myself motivated and start shooting a little more.  The first order of business was to finally get some sort of website up that I would be happy to send clients to.

This is the first iteration and will more than likely change over time as I find better code/designs.  For now I just wanted something nice and simple with nothing to distract from the art.  I hope you find this to be the case but feel free to post a comment on here or contact me directly.

Now - onto the shooting.  If there are any models, designers, stylists, MUA's or publications that find my work of note and would like to work/collaborate with me in the near future then please feel free to contact me directly.  All my contact information is on the main page of this site.

For any photographers wondering about my gear lets just say i was a Nikon shooter but now I am Fujifilm all the way.

My main camera is the XT1 and i also have an XPro1 and even a Fujifilm Instax camera (shots from that to come) I also like using the little Fuji SP-1 Instax Printer.

Anyway, welcome to the new site.

I hope to keep it up to date and may even post on here now and again :)

Thanks for coming.  Let me know what you think.